Tuesdays and Fridays   |  11am - 1pm  |  Kings Arms, St Mary's Street, Ely.

While working near Ely I had the experience of attending the Café,speaking with funny and humorous teachers and making new friends from other countries.I shall return to the café as it was such much fun in an informal atmosphere.
India from Germany

I went to the café during one month and a half and it was always a pleasure to come. I met very nice and welcoming people and I felt immediately like home. They helped me to improve my English by teaching me new vocabulary and idioms and I also improved my confidence when speaking. People are very friendly and we spoke about a lot of different subjects like politics, cinema, music... It's better than an usual languague class because it's very informal and there's no pressure. I met also a lot of people in the same situation as myself and who come from everywhere in the world so it was very interesting to talk with them. The English Café is my favourite thing of my journey in England and if I ever go back near Ely, I will return to the café !

I would also like to thank you for your welcome and it was always a pleasure to come to Ely to talk with you and all the others !



I arrived at that cafe by chance, in 2014, I cannot even remember why or who told me about it but I suppose it was one of my host family friends. When I first started, my English was not great and I did learn a lot... yet the important thing is how: I learned through laughing around with Bob and Mick, whose table I never left. We discussed about books and shared anecdotes, obviously stopping them any time I heard something I did not understand or something I wanted to know more about; we read books together, I would read out loud and have my pronounciation corrected by them.

To be honest, it is more than a way of learning English. I know that, if I ever go back to Cambridgeshire, even though my English was perfect ─ which, obviously, it is not ─, I would still go to that café to keep learning and discussing about much more than grammar or English. Great teachers, mindblowingly amazing people!

Nela Teulón


“Hi. It’s Tatiana (from Russia).

Today we met in English Language Cafe.

It was  very nice. For me this is a great opportunity not only to learn but also to communicate with wonderful people.

I would like to thank all person who help foreigners improve their English.”


Hi everybody, my name is Olga and I'm Italian.

In summer 2014 I moved to Ely as an author pair in a beautiful family and in my days off I used to join the English classes with Mike and Bob and other awesome people!

When I came I could not speak a single word!

We used to do a conversation about everything: holidays,family,books,movies,and it was funny and the time flew!

I remember this experience as beautiful!”


Hi everyone! I'm Martina (from Italy).

When I arrived in Ely I had no friends and if it hadn't been for this group I would have been lost!

The EELC turned out to be something more than just a simple language course; it became my point of reference, a great chance to improve my English,meet extraordinary people and laugh a lot. We even organised amazing trips and parties during the weekend.

All the mentors are kind and make you feel part of a big family! I'll never stop thanking them for helping me enjoy my time and be successful in my English exam at the end of the year.”


“I already knew English before I moved to the UK. Though knowing isn’t enough to apply it in everyday speech.

When I went to Cambridge to enrol in an English course, the people there recommended that I go to a speaking cafe in Ely and that’s how I met these wonderful and devoted souls.

I always try and squeeze the cafe in my tight schedule. My participation really helped me increase my confidence when speaking English.

The fact that everyone is very friendly and optimistic is really motivational.

I’d like to thank everybody who helped me along the way. I’m really happy that our paths crossed each other.”

Ece Ertem